Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hair Update: Your Help is Needed and would be greatly Appreciated :)

Hello my beauties!!! :) It is time for an update. So exams is over and the vacation has officially begun (can you scream YAYY!!!!) My hair and I have bonded even more and I have some really great reviews for you all so stay tuned! That was actually why I haven't been posting regularly, I finally got the time to put away the text books and pull out the hair supplies :) As most of you who've read my previous post know that I upgraded from shoulder length (SL) to arm-pit length (APL) and I was so very excited and proud of myself. I am presently 10 weeks and 1 day post relaxer and my goal is to reach 20 weeks, this would be my longest stretch yet and my aim is to reach bra-strap length (BSL) by that time. Today I trimmed my ends to prevent split ends, the second time since my April's trim and I have approximately 1 inch of hair growth, so much that my new growth is coiling beautifully. I am embracing my new growth and treating them tenderly (lol) conditioning and moisturizing my scalp as I try to avoid disturbing the line of demarcation (if many of you do not know of this term, I am more than willing to dedicate a post based on the term an ways to avoid breakage along this line).

I however am very keen for your assistance and knowledge PLEASE. See I am in the process of deciding whether I should highlight my hair or not. hair is naturally dark brown to black and many people have informed me that I would have to strip my hair with bleach aka weakening my hair resulting in major breakage in the long run. However I'm Google's BIGGEST FAN an so your girl decided to search dyes that contain no bleach, ammonia or hydrogen peroxide and I came across Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color and Clairol Professional Textures and Tones. I am contemplating on highlighting my hair because this could either make or break (literally) my hair. So I ask for your assistance. Am I insane for even thinking about such a transition? Do YOU know or have tried any reliable brand of hair color/dye? I've wanted a change for a long time and I'm still deciding on whether or not this would be the right one.

These are the dyes and colors I'm interested in for highlights.


Your assistance and advice would be greatly appreciated :) and NEW product updates are currently in progress.

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TaTa for now XOXO