Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hair Update: The products I've been abusing! =)

Hey everyone! So this is an update on my hair and the products I've been using. Although this is not a basic review I have seen some positive and negative results from these products. Some of these products have helped my hair, while others have not. However, I am definitely not discouraging any of you from trying these products, for what have not worked for me may very well work for you, these are my personal experiences and views on the products. 
Until a month ago I have been using the Maxi Professional Carrot Oil. Why? Because it costed TT$12.00, I ran out of a moisturizer and the expert over the counter told me it was a good product. I enrolled this product into my nightly routine sealing it with my ever so faithful Coconut Oil but  my hair felt heavy, dry and not even close to the promise of moisturized. I continued this experiment for two month with no change until I was finally convinced that THIS WAS NOT THE PRODUCT FOR ME.

Eventually, after accepting defeat, I returned to my beauty supply store and purchased the popular Organics Root Stimulator Moisturizing Lotion. For the past month I have been moisturizing with this product and have seen some amazing results. I still can't put my finger on it, but although both these products have a thick consistency the ORS Lotion have done wonders. My new growth feels soft and moiturized and my hair remains light after the application. 

Usually, though, I use this product in coordination with the Mega Growth Break Free Daily Leave In Strengthener. This has also been a  great product that I have invested in and continue to repurchase. This however is a MAJOR protein product and I use it with great caution. I have also seen major new growth with the use of this product and credit this product for assisting with my current achievement of armpit  length hair.
Just like my moisturizing lotions I coordinate my deep conditioners. I continue to use the Mega Growth Deep Conditioner once a month and use the Dr. Miracles Damaged Hair Medicated Treatment which tingles with awesomness (lol). The use of these two deep conditioners have allowed me to see a major difference with my hair. The only difference however is the discontinued use of my Motions Conditioner and the introduction of the Motions CPR Treatment Shampoo. It smells amazing and leave my hair squeaky clean :) which is great because I deep condition immediately after.

Deep Conditioners:

As usual I am new to this hair topic and I am thinking about changing my relaxer. I believe that my hair dresser has been using Optimum No Lye relaxer, but I have been doing research via YouTube and Google and have heard great reviews on the Organics Roots Stimulator Lye Relaxer . I am not afraid to use the ORS brand but I am a little hessitant on using Lye relaxer. Whats the difference between Lye and No Lye though? I still have to consult my hair stylist but your views on the topic means alot to me! So please....Whats your view on Lye Relaxer. Let me know. Leave your comments. :)

TaTa for now XOXO

I am not paid to review any product mentioned on this blog neither are the products sent to me for trials. I have personally purchased all products reviewed and these are my honest opinions on the products.