Sunday, June 9, 2013

Hair Color Decisions!

Hey everyone! :)

So as previously stated I am in the process of deciding whether or not to color my hair. Word on the street is  that it's a terrible idea to color your hair especially when your hair is relaxed but umm...I'm a rebel :-/
For some strange reason I have this desire to prove that statement wrong!?!? Maybe I'll succeed, maybe I'd fail, all I know is: "You'd never know until you try." After all it's hair right! It'll grow right back, and if anything, I will definitely learn from my experiences. Call me insane but for the past couple months I've been web-searching hair dye products and methods to keep hair moisturized after the  process as well as steps to prepare my hair before the process. I have "virgin" very dark, close-to-black hair...yep that's first time dying my hair EVER! And although this is sort of nerve wrecking, I'm also super stoked about it (^_^).
I absolutely adore the Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color Medium Intense Auburn:

But I've been reading reviews from "experienced" bloggers who are use to coloring their hair saying that because it's virgin hair I should instead try a lighter color? Which I believe in this case would be this:
Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color Light Intense Auburn:

But to me, personally, this color is too LIGHT and I love the burgundy, purple-ish color the Medium Intense Auburn has to it.

What do you all think? Please leave your comments and views on these products as well as suggestion of other products you think I should look at. It will be greatly appreciated. The color I'm going for is an approachable red, not too bold.

TaTa for now, XOXO

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