Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Today's Hair Inspiration:" Health before Length"

Though many will be wondering if I have abandoned this blog, NO, school has simply been determined to destroy my live. But exams are almost over and I'm graduating soon!! and my vacation is about to begin!! and well in extension MORE UPDATES!
Firstly....I HAD A SET BACK. Well...I should not call it a "set back" be completely honest, it was a CONSCIOUS set back. I mentioned here that I'd reached APL (arm pit length) a couple months ago but since then gradually I have been cutting my ends off. Why, you may ask? My first relaxer did not go so well (and I mean my verrryyy first) so I made the decision to cut off my thin, over processed hair gradually and I have been doing so effectively. At the moment my hair is extremely thick! Sometimes I forget that I even have a relaxer! And although I have returned to SL (shoulder length) I have achieved exactly what I wanted,  thick, healthy relaxed  hair.I am currently 10 weeks post relaxer (my last relaxer was in March) and my new growth is not troublesome just yet, surprisingly.

I'm also trying some new products, finally adding moisture to my hair regimen. My staple products: Mega Growth Break Free Leave in Strengthener, Mega Growth Deep Conditioner (Protein), ORS Moisturizing Lotion and Coconut Oil have  remained but I have since changed my Shampoos (including a Sulfate Free to my regimen), Conditioner, Moisturizing Deep Conditioner, added a new styling products and "hot oil" treatment. Products in italic have been mentioned and reviewed here previously, those in bold will be reviewed soon as they are currently still in trial mode and I am making my decisions about them along the way.

As a go-to protective style I have resorted to the infamous Senegalese twists, finally learning how to do them myself, but I will not be doing this style on my hair regularly as it can repossess length as quickly as it helps to achieve it and I am determined not to get unnecessary breakage. Also, the decision to color my hair has been replaying in my mind for past couple months. Although it is have stated that coloring relaxed hair can be  dangerous I have been convinced that it may be a risk I am willing to take - in a matter of time. As for now, I am cautiously listening to my hair and observing it's likes and dislikes, and depending on it's condition I will then schedule a day to change my color.

TaTa for now XOXO

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