Sunday, March 11, 2012

Missed me? Because...I missed you! =)

Wow! I am neglecting my blogger duties! Shame on me! I am deeply and truly sorry you all. I've been really busy with balancing school and my personal life that I had to put this on hold for a while. As many would know Trinidad and Tobago celebrated Carnival at the end of February and so being a very patriotic citizen I played my part parading on the nation's streets to Soca, Calypso and Steelpan. It was the ultimate experience! And now exams is slowly approaching and well the stress of it all is also becoming over-powering with the rush of getting projects done and studying....

...But onto a more stress free topic =)

Rememer my decision to stretch my relaxer? Well I am currently 9 weeks post relaxer ( this Wednesday 14th March will make it 10 weeks) and my God have my hair grown! I continue to follow my hair regimen with the use of the same products which have helped a lot to not only moisturise but also strenghten my hair. I finger comb my hair instead of combing it out and that has helped a lot in preventing breakage! My goal at the moment is to stretch for at least 16 to 17 weeks and this is the FIRST time that I'm doing a stretch of so long so I'm being very observant, patient and gentle with my hair. 

My head tie and silk bonnet have become my best friends. I don't sleep without them and sometimes I want to where them all day, err'day! I massage my hair every night after my ritual of moisturising and sealing and I am very proud of my results thus far. =) Just a couple more weeks to go! 

TaTa for now XOXO

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