Saturday, April 14, 2012

Blame school for keeping me away from you =( : My Recent Update

Wow....checking my blog today and I just realised that it's been ONE MONTH since I last posted *gasp* lolzz. On a serious note however...I am extremely sorry I have been M.I.A for so long. Exams is nearing, project deadlines are nearing and I am trying to stay on top of everything. I've also joined my school's dance group and drama club so I'm getting my little extra curricular thang goin' one =). Hmm...another thing that I'm sortta proud of is that I'm the newly appointed Secretary for my school's Student Council. You might be like..."Ok....Secretary... that's exciting?" but for me it is!!! =D See, I'm an extremely shy person, so even running for the position and knowing a colleague (who I must say is very popular) is campaigning for the same position, it was very challenging. However, I made a secret resolution with myself for this year (2012) which was to come out of my comfort zone and try new things and stop limiting myself. I was ecstatic when I heard the news that I'd won my position gaining the most votes against all the other people that campaigned for positions (including the President) lol!! And from that day it taught me a valuable lesson, "You're only as good as you allow yourself to be." 

On the "hairy-er" side (lmao) I am currently 14 weeks post-relaxer and I HATE IT!!!! I want to relax soooo bad!!!! but I am determined to reach my goal of 16 weeks so I mean, two more weeks won't hurt....Right? I will definitely give an update on my hair after I have my relaxer but how I'm doing it is a mystery. I am trying to determine whether I should do my relaxer personally or if I should get it professionally done. My mom keeps saying that "You can't see the back of your head that's why you should go to a professional" (because she's afraid to relax it at but my fear is that my stylist would attempt to be "more professional" than she already is. Am I paranoid? Don't be afraid to let me know your opinion on the topic.

Anyways, that's my update on my life so far since I've been gone for so long and now it's back to studying :( I hope that I can be back soon learning form you and your blogs as you do from mines. 

TaTa for now XOXO

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