Saturday, February 25, 2012

Classy & Casual

Hey bloggers!!!

Firstly I'm coming with an apology. I'm sorry I haven't posted an update in a while. I've been stocked with work and need some time to get on top of everything. However, I have DO have updates to post and PRODUCT REVIEWS!!! =)

But as for now....

This is a little insight on my favs and interests. I absolutely LOVE and ADORE art. From music to nail art, dance to room decor, fashion to photography...I love them all. To me art is a way for one to express his or herself in their own personal way. A person's fashion sense and taste in music can determine a lot about a person and this is my way of showing what I'm into and my personality.

 I am definitely a fan of vintage inspired fashion and this collage was created by me at 2:00 am this morning (^_^)

Classy & Casual
by rae-anne 

TaTa for now XOXO

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