Saturday, February 11, 2012

Tangled Much?!?!: For all hair types.

Many of will not believe....but 70% hair damage occurs in the shower. You know that process when your hair is wet and you just pass your comb through your luxurious locks? Yuuup.....that's the one I'm talking about. Wet hair is extremely fragile and combing through your "crown and glory" at this particular time will eventually leave you with damaged, broken hair. Detangling hair is a skill we all can adopt! =) Here are some helpful methods to detangle both natural or chemically treated hair.

The number one use of the comb in the bathroom is to apply conditioners and shampoos evenly throughout the hair, covering the surface entirely. A soothing and safer method you can use is eliminating the comb entirely and gently massaging your hair whilst in the shower is one of the best ways to prevent breakage also providing great shampoo and conditioner coverage....a win win situation! Detangling thoroughly wet hair is like walking up to a robber and handing your money just don't do it! The best way to detangle hair before it is dry is to air dry until damp and a leave in conditioner or detangling serum of your choice, section and detangle.

Your hair is a part of your identity and a woman's beauty. We are all bless with beautiful hair of all types and it is our duty to take care of our hair.

These are a few examples of great combs than can be used to detangle both natural and relaxed hair.

Mason Pearson 6" Rake Comb

Aristocrat Genuine Bone 8 1/4" Rake Comb

Magic Star Jumbo 9" Rake Comb

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  1. great info! i realized that wet combing was not for me a few months ago, wish I would've noticed that sooner lol.