Friday, February 3, 2012

Let's Get Acquainted!

Hi there! I have to say I find it strange that I'm feeling nervous doing this O.o I'll begin with saying that this blog is basically about my hair journey and its progress and failures. I decided to begin my hair journey on the 2nd of  February 2012 and this is my means of recording the events. I do not know everything and I am ready and eager to learn from you as well as share my knowledge on Hair Health. Hopefully I can help you along your journey too. Along with hair I would be often engae "chit chat" about fashion, cosmetics, music, books and movies to spice up the entertainment a little.

The name VintageFashionAmour is a collection of some of my famourite things. I am in absolute love with VINTAGE!!! =) Vintage decor, fashion, paintings, buildings....BEA-UTIFUL (^_^). Fashion is another thing I adore simply because it amazes me the ways in which people can tell a story of themselves through their fashion sense. Such an inspiration :) And lastly....Amour...the French word for "Love." I love French....if only i could speak it (ha). France is actually on my "places I want to visit in my lifetime" list...its such a romantic and breath-taking place. I hope this gives a slight insight on who I am...a little introduction for my new community.

TaTa for now XOXO

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