Friday, February 3, 2012

The Coconut Oil Revolution

Turn up the Caribbean music because this has to be one of my favorite hair products....I MUST SAY! I found out a couple months ago that coconut oil does wonders to the hair and went out and bought myself a bottle of Pure Coconut Oil. My hair was grateful. Approximately 24 hours after applying it to my scalp and hair I felt the difference in the texture and I noticed less breakage while performing manipulation tasks (combing, braid outs, etc). It immediately earned a spot on my "Favorite Hair Products List."

The reason for the use of Pure Coconut Oil was because I did not want any additives in the product and desired the full effect of the product in its original state.  However, I did decide to purchase a Coconut Oil that is not so"pure" and that is the Organic Root Stimulator Coconut Oil. For a long time I have heard of positive results on this product and the ORS brand is one that I do trust. Although the results were good, to me this product did not work as well as I desired and so I  often co-ordinate it with the Pure Coconut Oil in my hair care routine.

I'm sure many are curious as to how coconut oil helps the hair. It is found that this particular oil is the ONLY oil that reduces protein loss - because of the lauric acid it contains- rejuvenating damaged hair protecting  undamaged hair. It strengthens the hair, reduces shedding and promotes hair growth by penetrating the hair from inside the hair shaft! Oh and depending on your supplier it's very inexpensive too! Can't get any better than that! :) You can include this oil in your deep conditioners and do hot oil treatments with it as a means to strengthen the hair faster.

Regenerate your damaged hair or prevent future damage with nature's gifts and include it in your hair regimen for strong, healthy, long hair. (^_^)

TaTa for now XOXO


  1. Hello there. I was just wondering if you still like and use the coconut oil? I started using it a couple of years ago inany various forms. Extra virgin and in other products like Shea Moisture and As I Am which all use coconut oil and my hair has dries out and broken off. I also noticed that when I used to put ut on my skin it made me completely ashy. Lol. I am guessing that it just doesn't agree with my chemistry

    1. HI SHANA :) up until this very day I continue to use coconut oil. I have not experienced those effects due to it though. I use it after I moisturize my hair with my water based moisturiser however I mix it with extra virgin olive oil in an application bottle. It works well for me but for you I'd suggest you try some vitamin e oil....I absolutely love that stuff and incorporate it in my regimen as well. Has anything been working for you thus far though?